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Author Search all publications by the author Thiede, Ralf
Title Children's books, brain development, and language acquisition
Place : Publ. New York ; London: Routledge
Year 2019
Written in English
Extent xv, 239 Seiten
Notes Literaturangaben
ISBN 978-0-8153-6189-3
Series Explorations in developmental psychology series
Domains / Pragmalinguistics / Other communication situations / Psychotherapy / Language and psychoanalysis / Story telling (in psychoanalysis)
Domains / Language acquisition / Grammatical development
Domains / Language acquisition / Phonological development
Domains / Language acquisition / Language acquisition and cognitive development
Domains / Style/Aesthetics / Children's literature
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Story telling (in psychoanalysis) ; Syntactic development; Morphological development; Morphologie (Spracherwerb) ; Syntax (Spracherwerb) ; Grammatical development ; Phonemik (Spracherwerb) ; Phonetics (language acquisition) ; Kindersprache (phonet./phonem.) ; Child language (phonet./phonem.) ; Spracherwerb (phonet./phonem.) ; Language acquisition (phonet./phonem.) ; Phonological development ; Spracherwerb und neurologische Entwicklung; Language acquisition and neurological development; Sprache und Denken (Ontogenese) ; Language and thought (ontogenesis) ; Cognitive development; Language acquisition and cognitive development ; Children's literature