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Author Search all publications by the author Shirai, Yasuhiro
Title Connectionism and second language acquisition
Place : Publ. New York ; London : Routledge
Year 2019
Written in English
Extent xiv, 152 Seiten
ISBN 978-0-415-52892-4; 978-0-415-52891-7
Series Cognitive science and second language acquisition series
Selections from contents
Domains / Applied linguistics / Language teaching / Language teaching research
Domains / Grammaticography / Models of grammar / Generative grammar / Universal grammar
Domains / Cognitive science / Connectionism
Domains / Second language acquisition
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Glottodidaktik; Lehrforschung; Pädagogische Linguistik; Pedagogical linguistics; Language teaching research ; UG; Universal grammar ; Neural networks; Dynamic neural field theory; Connectionism ; Zweitspracherwerb (ungesteuerter) ; Second language acquisition (untutored) ; Natürlicher Zweitspracherwerb; Second language acquisition