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Author Search all publications by the author Diller, Hans-Jürgen
Title Persuasive strategies of British columnists
Written in English
Notes 8 Literaturangaben
Source Anthology Grammar and text in synchrony and diachrony. - Frankfurt am Main [u.a.] : Vervuert [u.a.]
Year 1997
Page 59-75
Domains / Technical language / Media language
Domains / Technical language / Media language / Newspaper language
Domains / Pragmalinguistics / Individual aspects (pragm.) / Persuasion (pragm.)
Indo-European languages / Germanic / English / British English
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Media language ; Presse (Sprache) ; Zeitungssprache; Newspaper language ; Persuasiver Text; Persuasive discourse; Compliance-gaining message; Beeinflussung; Suggestibility ; English (British) ; Grossbritannien (engl. Sprache in) ; Great Britain (English language in) ; Englisch in Grossbritannien; English in Great Britain; British English