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Author Search all publications by the author Hill, Joseph Christopher; Lillo-Martin, Diane C.; Wood, Sandra K.
Title Sign languages
structures and contexts
Place : Publ. London ; New York: Routledge
Year 2019
Written in English
Extent xi, 215 Seiten
Notes Literaturangaben
ISBN 978-1-138-08917-4; 978-1-138-08916-7
Series Routledge guides to linguistics
Selections from contents
Domains / Sign language / Sign language (phonet.)
Domains / Sign language / Sign language (language acquisition)
Domains / Sign language / Theory of grammar (sign language)
Domains / Sign language / Home sign
Domains / Sign language / Language attitude (sign language)
Domains / Sign language / Language variation (sign language)
Domains / Sociolinguistics / Language politics
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Phonetics (sign language) ; Sign language (phonet.) ; Bimodal language acquisition; Language acquisition (sign language) ; Spracherwerb (Gebärdensprache) ; Sign language (language acquisition) ; Theory of grammar (sign language) ; Prestige; Sprachattitüde; Linguizismus; Linguicism ; Dialektologie (Gebärdensprache) ; Dialectology (sign language) ; Language variation (sign language) ; Sprachenpolitik; Language management; Language politics