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Title Error analysis in the world
a bibliography
Bernd Spillner
Place : Publ. Berlin: Frank & Timme, Verlag für wissenschaftliche Literatur
Written in English
Series Sprachwissenschaft; Band 37
General topics / Bibliographies
General topics / Introductions (to linguistics)
Domains / Applied linguistics / Language teaching
Domains / Methodology / Research techniques / Error analysis
Domains / Pragmalinguistics / Individual aspects (pragm.) / Deviation (pragm.)
Domains / Language acquisition / Error analysis (language acquisition)
Domains / Second language acquisition / Second language acquisition (psycholing.) / Interference (second language acquisition)
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Bibliographies ; Lehrbuch; Arbeitsbuch; Course book; Textbook; Workbook; Übungsbuch; Introductions (to linguistics) ; Language teaching ; Error analysis ; Anomaly (pragm.) ; Pragmatic deficits; Transgression (pragm.) ; Deviation (pragm.) ; Error analysis (language acquisition) ; Transfer (second language acquisition) ; Transfer (Zweitspracherwerb) ; Cross-linguistic influence (second language acquisition) ; Interference (second language acquisition)
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Spillner, Berndt