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Title Gabriele Knappe: Idioms and Fixed Expressions in English Language Study before 1800 [Rezension]
Written in English
Source Journal Anglia. - Berlin : de Gruyter
Volume 124
Year 2006
Issue 2
Page 333-337
General topics / Reviews
Domains / Phraseology
Domains / History of language / Idioms (language change)
Indo-European languages / Germanic / English
Redirected from
Reviews ; Phraseologie; Idioms; Phraseology ; Sprachwandel (phraseol.) ; Language change (phraseol.) ; Phraseologization; De-idiomatization; Idioms (language change) ; English
Review of
Knappe, Gabriele. Idioms and fixed expressions in English language study before 1800. - Frankfurt am Main [u.a.] : Lang, 2004
Named Persons
Knappe, Gabriele