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Author Search all publications by the author Branham, Robert James
Title Ineffability, creativity, and communication competence
Written in English
Notes 30 Literaturangaben
Source Journal Communication quarterly. - Philadelphia, Pa. : Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group
Volume 28
Year 1980
Issue 3
Page 11-21
Domains / Methodology / Philosophy of science / Language and epistemology
Domains / Pragmalinguistics / Individual aspects (pragm.) / Communicative competence
Domains / Pragmalinguistics / Communication research / Contradiction (communication research)
Domains / Linguistic logic / Paradoxon
Domains / Theory of language / Competence/Performance / Linguistic creativity
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Sprache und Denken; Erkenntnis und Sprache; Language and thought; Erkenntnistheorie; Epistemology and language; Language and epistemology ; Pragmatische Kompetenz; Pragmatic competence; Communicative competence ; Double bind; Paradoxon (communication research) ; Contradiction (communication research) ; Dialethism; Lügner-Antinomie; Liar paradox; Paradoxon ; Sprachkreativität; Creativity; Kreativität; Linguistic creativity