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Author Search all publications by the author Mu, Guanglun Michael
Title Learning Chinese as a heritage language
an Australian perspective
Place : Publ. Bristol ; Buffalo ; Toronto: Multilingual Matters
Year 2016
Written in English
Extent xxiii, 170 Seiten
Notes Bibliografie: Seite 156-168
ISBN 978-1-78309-428-8
Series Multilingual matters; 162
Selections from contents
General topics / Countries/regions / Pacific Area / Australia
Domains / Applied linguistics / Language teaching / Needs assessment (language teaching)
Domains / Applied linguistics / Language teaching / Motivation research
Domains / Sociolinguistics / Language and society / Language and identity
Domains / Sociolinguistics / Language politics
Domains / Languages in contact / Immigrants/Emigrants
Domains / Languages in contact / Minority language / Language maintenance
Non-Indo-European languages / Sino-Tibetan languages / Chinese
Redirected from
Australia ; Needs assessment (language teaching) ; Lernmotivation; Affekt (Einfluss auf Zweitspracherwerb) ; Affect (influence on second language acquisition) ; Motivation research ; Identitšt und Sprache; Identity and language; Fremdheit und Sprache; Estrangement and language; Sprache und Integration; Integration und Sprache; Language and identity ; Sprachenpolitik; Language management; Language politics ; Auswanderer; Emigrants; Migrant; Aussiedler; Gastarbeiter; Arbeitsmigranten; Immigrants/Emigrants ; Sprachbewahrung; Ethnolinguistic vitality; Vitality, ethnolinguistic; Sprachwechsel; Language shift; Heritage language; Language maintenance ; Mandarin; Kantonesisch; Cantonese; Putonghua; Sinitic; Hakka; Xiamen; Chinese
Named Persons
Bourdieu, Pierre