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Author Search all publications by the author Conley, Willy
Title Visual-gestural communication
a workbook in nonverbal expression and reception
Place : Publ. New York ; London: Routledge
Year 2019
Written in English
Extent xi, Seiten
Notes Literaturverzeichnis Seite 239-242
ISBN 978-1-138-60586-2; 978-1-138-60585-5
Selections from contents
General topics / Introductions (to linguistics)
Domains / Sign language
Domains / Sign language / Sign intelligibility
Domains / Nonverbal communication
Domains / Nonverbal communication / Gesture communication
Domains / Nonverbal communication / Facial expression
Domains / Psycholinguistics / Linguistic awareness
Domains / Semiotics / Sign / Iconicism
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Lehrbuch; Arbeitsbuch; Course book; Textbook; Workbook; Übungsbuch; Introductions (to linguistics) ; Sign language ; Sign intelligibility ; Körpersprache; Chronemics; Kinetik; Kinesics; Nonverbal communication ; Gesture communication ; Facial expression ; Metalinguistic awareness; Phonologische Bewusstheit; Phonological awareness; Focus on form (language teaching) ; Sprachbewusstsein; Linguistic awareness ; Iconicism